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At Studio G Salon, you can get a fantastic haircut that will turn heads. Our hair salon is experienced and equipped to work with you to find the perfect new style, shade, or cut that you are looking for. We provide a wide range of hair services to get your hair exactly what it needs. If you need a cut but don’t need all the bells and whistles, we offer a no-frill basic haircut, which includes no shampooing, drying, or styling. We’ll give you a customized haircut designed to fit your individual style and preferences without all the extra add-ons you don’t need. If you want to treat yourself to something nice, we can add basic styling to your haircut, including luxurious shampoo, blow-dry, and styling. We can also provide professional styling and finishing service using a flat or curling iron, as well as a silk press treatment. Whether you need styling for a special occasion or want to transform your everyday look, our stylists will make you look amazing. We can also provide you with a conditioning treatment to restore proteins and moisture in your hair, as well as a perm that can give you everything from loose beach waves to a firm, tight curl. Perms are back in style, and they will add body and volume to your hair, shortening the time it takes to style your look. Finding the right style is a big part of looking and feeling your best, and our stylists can help you achieve your perfect look. Make an appointment with us in Las Vegas, NV, for gorgeous women’s and men’s haircuts.