Beauty in Glam Makeup


If you’re looking to dye your hair, a hairdresser from Studio G Salon can help you with all of your hair coloring needs. With our services, you can go subtle or make a drastic change. Whether you want highlights, a natural shade, or every color of the rainbow, we can make your hair exactly your desired color. Professional hair coloring uses dye to change the color of your hair to cover up your gray hairs or change it for cosmetic purposes. We can provide all-over permanent or semi-permanent color along with a customized haircut and professional styling that will transform your look. We also offer custom balayage, which will give your hair gorgeous sweeping colors. If you don’t want to make a drastic change, we can provide you with full or partial highlights. We will apply color using foils to achieve highlights in your desired locations, adding extra definition and life to your hair. If you’ve undergone bad hair coloring, we provide hair color correction to even out the color and make it look exactly the way it should. We want to bring your hair color fantasy to life! Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we will work to bring you a look that you’ll love. Make your appointment at our day spa in Las Vegas, NV today.